The Umbwe Route, toughest one for attempting the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro. The summit bid attempt via Western Breach and have yourself a devilishly physical attempt to success. However it still doesn’t require any technical attempt, just very demanding but then why climbing through a notorious Umbwe Route then? Because a carefully organized and executed climb can still be highly successful regardless of the demands it will make on your body. Reaching the summit on this climb, you know that you have done what few people who have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro have ever managed. You have conquered Umbwe.

Umbwe Route: Overview

The Umbwe Route is the hardest you can choose if you wish to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The first 2 days are very steep, so steep that in places you use tree roots to haul yourself from one ledge on the forest trail to the next. Those adventurous climbers that climb the Umbwe Route reach the Barranco Camp in 2 days, something that takes 3 days on the Machame Route and 4 days on the Lemosho Route.

So if it’s so steep, why on earth would you want to climb it? A very small percentage of climbers that climb Mount Kilimanjaro can say that they have climbed thed Umbwe route. The route sees very little traffic each year and for the majority of your climb you will mostly have the route to yourself, something that’s hard to come by during the climbing season. Also the scenery on this route is spectacular, offering the most stunning views on the whole mountain, save for the summit itself.

If you climb the Umbwe Route, you can join the Southern Circuit along with the Machame route, Shira route and lemosho Route in the Barranco Valley and climb northeast, summiting via Barafu Camp. We include a rest day in the Barranco Valley for all of our Umbwe Route climbs due to the altitude gain getting there.

For those that are seeking the ultimate climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, summiting via the Western Breach is for you. This is still not technical but is very tough. For those that dream of pushing on beyond what they thought imaginable and completing a truly amazing physical feat, this is the climb for you. Think your up to the greatest challenge Mount Kilimanjaro has to offer?