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June 24, 2015by superbeo

As you might have heard or seen on Facebook, my friend David Bley and I climbed Kilimanjaro recently. If you find that interesting, then you will enjoy my next series of blogs. It’s going to be a Kilimanjaro series telling the different sides of hiking that 19,000 ft. beast. Enjoy!

I climbed the tallest mountain in Africa.

That’s the lie I want you to believe. In reality there should be no I in that statement. It actually took 2 guides, 8 porters, my friend David, God and a whole lot of prayer to get my butt up that mountain.

And no, this isn’t one of those post game interviews where a professional athlete pretends to thank all of his teammates and obligatorily praises God for his accomplishments all the while truly believing that it was his great talent and ability that got the job done. (I’m looking at you Kobe Bryant ; )

A lesson that would have appeared to me as cliché before was driven home while I climbed Kili:

Nothing great in my life will be accomplished without God and Others.

On those 6 days on the mountain a lot happened and not all of it was good. Vomiting, migraine headaches, emotional breakdown and sheer exhaustion to name a few. And that’s where the myth of my own sheer determination to overcome those challenges could be perpetuated.

But it was the help, push, encouragement of God and others that got me through. There is no way I make it to the top without an amazing guide company (Kilimanjaro Nature Tours), reliance on God, prayers from friends and family back home and a good friend by my side.

What’s cool is that I actually believe that in a deeper way. This trip took that truth deeper than me knowing it’s true in a general sense and actually believing it in a practical sense.

Want to do great things in your life? Learn to rely on God and others. And be quick to truly give them credit.
Now it’s time to meet the amazing team from Kilimanjaro Nature Tours that got me to the top of the tallest free standing mountain in the world. (

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